Why It Is Believed Conor McGregor Will Become The Greatest MMA Fighter Who Ever Lived

NEW YORK CITY – On November 12, 2016, Conor McGregor dominated the cage and obtained a historic knockout win at UFC 205. For him as well as the crowd it became a spectacular night because for the first time in UFC history, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter has been able to hold two championship belts at the same time. Not only that, it was also the first time a UFC event was held in a historic arena such as Madison Square Garden. The event itself completely filled the Garden with approximately 20,000 spectators. It’s main event, the Lightweight Championship bout between McGregor and his opponent Eddie Alvarez, brought tremendous excitement towards the crowd and has come to shown, Conor is here to stay… for the LONG RUN!

The fight took a slow start. Both McGregor and Alvarez kept measuring each other’s distance while looking to create openings. Within minute one into the first round, Alvarez attempted to land a jab-cross combination but McGregor immediately counter-attacked with a left-hook, knocking down Alvarez to the ground. In doing so, McGregor attempted to end the fight early with a ground-and-pound attack but Alvarez was able to get back up quickly. Afterwards, McGregor continued to remain calm, keep his distance waiting for Alvarez to make another slip. As a result, Conor McGregor was able to knock down Alvarez one more time with a counter-cross. Yet again, Conor attempted to quickly end the fight but Eddie Alvarez’s jiu-jitsu skills were able to save him. Towards the end of Round One, Eddie Alvarez attempted to take the fight to the ground in order to obtain the advantage but Conor McGregor held resistance and pushed him away with a knee to the body.

During the second round, Conor McGregor felt more comfortable in further proceeding with his usual aggressor tactics. He landed a few stunning kicks and was able to tag Eddie Alvarez for the third time, leaving Alvarez with no choice but to keep attempting to reach for the take-down. Still, McGregor continued to create circles around Alvarez’s corner. Although on one small slip from Conor, Eddie Alvarez was able to keep him pushed against the cage but McGregor still held resistance and countered with more knees to the body. It was then, with precisely two minutes remaining in Round Two, Conor McGregor was able to obtain the victory knockout with a four-punch counter-combo leaving Eddie Alvarez defenseless on the canvas. During the post-victory interview, McGregor states:

“…they’re not on my level! You gotta have size, reach, length…you gotta have some attributes. If you come any way equal to me, I’m going to rip your whole head off and that’s it. I tell it every time. Eddie is a solid competitor, Eddie is a warrior but he shouldn’t have been in here with me and that’s the truth to it.”

All, while the crowd cheered celebrating the Notorious Irishman’s historic triumph.

This historic triumph at UFC 205 has come to mark the beginning of a new era within the wide world of Mixed Martial Arts. In other words, marks the beginning of the Notorious Irishman Era. Already, Conor McGregor’s name will go down as one of the greatest fighters MMA has ever witnessed. In continuing to do so, it is believed McGregor will become as great as the late Muhammad Ali became during his golden years of boxing. Although Conor McGregor himself does not like being compared to, many speculate otherwise.

You may be asking, “Why the comparisons to the late Muhammad Ali?”

Well, ever since his UFC debut against Marcus Brimage, Conor McGregor has done nothing but climb up the Featherweight division ranks. Majority of his bouts have ended in total knockouts (TKO) within the first or second round, earning him the awards for great “Performance of the Night” and continues to do so. Like Ali, Conor McGregor uses “Psychological Warfare” such as trash-talking and making pre-match predictions in order to cause intimidation within the mind of his opponent. Prior to his UFC 194 bout against Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor did exactly just that for which caused Aldo to lose focus mere seconds during the fight. The championship bout was prognosticated to end in a bloody-battle between both fighters. But little did the crowd expect Conor McGregor was able to end it with a clean knockout hook just 13 seconds into the first round. A surprising victory for the Irishman!

In the aftermath of UFC 194, McGregor’s ego and cockiness rose to an all-time high. Conor believed to be invincible and that no one could touch him. Resulting from the outcome, fighters from different weight classes have called out McGregor in order to challenge the notorious Irishman. Specifically, Nate Diaz called him out during a post-victory interview stating that Conor McGregor had taken everything he had worked for.

On March 5, 2016 during UFC 196, Nate Diaz stepped up to the cage in a welterweight bout against Conor McGregor. The Irishman was looking to end the fight early within the first round as he predicted during a pre-fight conference but Diaz proved to be no chump and gave McGregor a run for his money. As Conor McGregor kept focus on landing the quick knockout, Diaz danced around his corner in order to physically exhaust McGregor’s endurance. Nate Diaz won the fight via submission with a rear-naked choke marking Conor McGregor’s first upset loss in the UFC. Soon after, a rematch was scheduled for UFC 200 (Later on rescheduled for UFC 202).

Muhammad Ali once said and I quote:

“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”

In the aftermath of UFC 196, Conor McGregor humbled down and learned NOT to underestimate his opponent. During the rematch at UFC 202, Conor indeed knew what it is like to be defeated thus was able to reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it took to win when the match was even. He kept his distance and landed stunning kicks as well as combinations in order to keep Nate Diaz in-check. Even, McGregor was able to stun Diaz on certain occasions. As a result, Conor McGregor overcame his only upset loss and won the rematch via unanimous decision.

Throughout his MMA career, Conor McGregor has proven to be nonetheless a highly-skilled fighter with correct technique, great speed, and perfect timing. In MMA or Boxing, it doesn’t matter the level of strength a fighter carries. Instead, what is most important is the level of skills and proper technique he or she possesses. With the proper technique and timing, a fighter is able to land a substantial knockout just as Conor was able to do so against Jose Aldo. This trait is what divides the best fighters from the amateurs. Like McGregor, Muhamad Ali also possessed tremendous set of skills and proper technique. He was swift like a butterfly but with proper technique and timing, he would sting like bee.

As McGregor continues to stun the UFC, he will demonstrate to be the greatest MMA fighter the world has ever seen. Throughout his career, especially in the UFC, McGregor has shown development and growth within his own set of skills. He continues to test his limits by moving up and down from different weight divisions striving only to become the best. In continuing to do so, it is believed Conor McGregor will achieve in becoming the greatest MMA fighter who ever lived. You just wait and see!

Update: On November, 26, 2016, the UFC stripped the Featherweight Championship belt away from Conor McGregor, ending his two-division title run. With UFC 206 on the way, Daniel Cormier was supposed to defend his Light Heavyweight title against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. But due to an unexpected injury, DC was forced to pull out of the fight. Instead, Dana White pushed for an interim featherweight title fight between Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis as the new main event. Since Jose Aldo currently holds the interim featherweight spot, the UFC was forced to take away the featherweight title from McGregor and grant it to Jose Aldo. Either ways, Conor McGregor claims himself as the true champion and is determined to prove it once again in the upcoming rematch against Aldo.



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